Sell Your Used Car

Sell Your Used Car Fort Pierce 

When you decide to sell your used car, you are probably asking yourself “Where can I sell my used car?” Smart Choice Auto Sales Inc. will buy your used vehicle for cash. Selling your car in Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie?

At Smart Choice Auto Sales Inc., no appointment is needed for selling us your used car today. We will buy almost any vehicle, and probably offer you more than a franchised dealership.

Why sell my car to Smart Choice Auto Sales Inc.?

Smart Choice Auto Sales, Inc. is an independent used car dealer that will buy your car for what it is worth. We cut out the middle man when we buy cars from customers, unlike other buying services over the internet. So don’t fall for fast offers and little cash, just come over to Smart Choice Auto Sales, Inc. and get more money for your car.

Smart Choice Auto Sales, Inc. will make you an offer without you having to buy a car from us. If you want to sell your car, we will buy your car, truck, van, SUV or luxury vehicle.

Please call us for an appointment at 561-512-9864.

Ready to sell Your Used Car?

Tips When Prepping Used Cars For Sale
Following these simple steps will make your used car more appealing to a buyer and will help you get the most value for what it’s worth.

TIP # 1: Make Your Used Car Look Great
The vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance play a major factor when buyers select used autos. Therefore, make sure you:
• Remove all personal items.
• Give used cars a good exterior wash and wax.
• Vacuum, remove stains and dust the interior.
• Clean out the ashtray and use an air freshener.
• Clean out the trunk.
• Shine up the chrome.
• Clean the tires.

TIP #2: Do Final Maintenance on Your Used Car
• Before you sell a car, you should do a few maintenance chores to send a used car off to your buyer in great condition.
• Change all fluids and oil.
• Check your tire pressure.
• Replace all missing or broken items like brake lights, tail lights, wipers, etc.

TIP #3 Vehicle Maintenance Records
• Organize your car’s maintenance records.
• Package your maintenance information so that the buyers can see how well the used vehicle was maintained. They may be looking for information such as how frequently the oil was changed and when the tires were last replaced. Organized records show a potential buyer that you took good care of your car.
Smart Choice Auto Sales, Inc. looks forward to helping you trade in or sell your used car!